Are Bully’s Stealing Yours or Your
Childs Confidence Away?

 Have you noticed that Bullies only pick on who they think they can take advantage of?

Bullies are usually trying to provoke an exaggerated reaction of fear from their targets; if they get a response, they’re likely to go back for more. 

Bullies are cowards!
You never see them pick on someone with confidence!
Someone who has the wisdom, size, or skills to stop them!

Yes, I’ve seen that dynamic thousands of times. The key is to teach the target skills to help them control their reaction and gain control over the situation. Bullying occurs more frequently with someone who have emotionally reactive responses and are considered to be weak in mind and/or body.  The emotionality of their reaction, namely fear, acting out or high drama offers the opportunity for the bully to gain more power. If it is successful, the bully will continue to bully and there-in steal the confidence from his target victim.

The reality, though, is that some bullies are physically violent. They threaten, strike, push, confine or otherwise physically torment their targets, beyond the reach of teachers. In these cases, a victim has an inherent right to self-defense, enshrined in Section 34 of the Criminal Code: “Every -one who is unlawfully assaulted without having provoked the assault is justified in repelling force by force if the force he uses is not intended to cause death or grievous bodily harm and is no more than is necessary to enable him to defend himself.”


Yet the official line is “zero tolerance”: No violence, even in self-defense, is ever justified. This is plainly a double standard. It does not apply to adults, or to nations. This is why most parents of bullied kids quietly ignore the official line, and tell their children: “If he pushes you again, push back. That will put a stop to it.” And often it does, we need to help our children to have the confidence to defend themselves in the first place,


The trouble is that, sometimes, pushing back either doesn’t work, or the victim lacks the confidence or ability to simply defend themselves.


As a first step, educators should set aside the psychologically damaging and morally reprehensible equivalency between perpetrator and victim. A child who pushes back after being pushed is only doing what any reasonable person would do.

Second, administrators should punish bullies (not the Victom) by expelling them from school for lengthy periods.

 In cases of physical injury, police and child welfare authorities should automatically be called. Parents of bullies are sometimes loath to face the truth of their child’s behavior. They should be required to do so.



Sooner or later

Sooner or later, most children will be the target of some form of harassment & Bullying—verbal, physical, or psychological. You can’t control how other people treat you or your child. You can control how your you or your child responds.
As a parent, you have an important decision to make: Will you need to react to the bullying after the fact, or will you start “bully – proofing” your child today?
It’s all about confidence and self – esteem. As you would not expect your child to stand up on a surfboard without first learning how to swim, you cannot expect your child to stand up to bullies without first learning some self-defense. To give yourselves or your children confidence, and self -esteem rooted in the knowledge that no children can harm or intimidate them, is a priceless gift with the potential to shape their entire lives.

Gaining Confidence Needed to Overcome
A Bully


There are many ways to help your child or yourself to gain confidence and self – esteem. Here are some of the principles we teach! The most important thing to remember is that, no-one can defeat a bully without the confidence to do so.


  1. Teaching safe and effective self – defense techniques and protective strategies.
  2. Instilling focus, discipline, and a “can do” spirit in each student
  3. Improving the levels of physical conditioning and coordination of each individual
  4. Promoting  individual growth and development by assisting students in discovering and enhancing their strengths, and working around or through personal barriers in training.


   5.  Surround Yourself With Good People
          Keep good friends and strong minded friends around. Enroll yourself or child into programs of success, like martial arts, dance,
tumbling, gymnastics and other sports. 

   6. Habit of success (Your child will learn how to make success become a habit.)

   7.  Social skills (Your child will learn conflict resolution skills that help with social interactions.)

What You Absolutely Must Know If Your Child Is Being Bullied In School..

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  • You Need to Know Schools Responsibilities in Protecting Your Child By Providing A Safe Learning Environment.
  • You Need to Know Your Child’s Responsibilities On How To Deal With The School Bullying by Reporting To School Officials.
  • Your Own Responsibilities In Making Sure Your Child and Their School is Doing Their Part.


1. Schools Responsibilities  – Every School In Arizona is required by  AZ State Law or Known as ARS (Arizona State Statues) Title 15 which pertains to Education to provide a safe learning environment for your child, free from bullying, harassment and intimidation.
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  • The School Must Provide Forms Where Students, Teachers and Parents Can Confidentially Report Bullying, Harassment and Intimidation.
  • The School Employee Must Report In Writing All Suspected Incidents of Bullying To The Appropriate School Official.
  • If Your Child Reports Bullying The School Is Required To Give Your Child Written Documentation  Of Their Rights, Protections And Support Services That Are Available To Them.


The above is covered under Arizona State Law or also known as Arizona State States  (ARS Title 15 covering education Chapter 3 Section 3,  #37)  For Resource you can go to.. .ARS 15-341 #37 A-J

2. Your Child Responsibilities
Simply they need to report the bullying,  There are two ways they can do this.
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  • Report the Bullying incident to a teacher or counselor they trust.   (Recommended they ask for something in writing from the teacher or counselor that they talked to to them about the bullying because they need to give it to their parents)  This will help you out by ensuring the school is doing their job to protect your child.
  • Your Child should make their own report by going to school office and asking to make a written statement to report the bullying .(It’s important they get a copy of it to give to you.)


3. Parents (Your) Responsibility
Simply put it’s to….Follow up!….It’s important that you follow up with the school to make sure the teachers do report the incidents to appropriate school official this why you need copy’s of everything your child reports.   Also to teach your child it’s okay to talk to teachers and report the bullying.  Teach them that it’s their responsibility, it’s not  them “Narcing” Or “Tattling”  but it’s their way to defend them selves.  The school employee’s can’t help your child if they don’t know about the bullying in the first place.

Now I said earlier it’s important you get copies especially something in writing in regards to your child talking to a teacher.  Here is a horror story for you. I had a student who reported an incident of bullying and the parent followed up to make sure the teacher reported it to higher school officials.  Well…this teacher didn’t want to get in trouble, so she denied it was ever reported to her.  Unbelievable right?  Well it happens… (now don’t get me wrong their are many good teachers out there…but their is that one or two that can ruin it for the bunch)….So it’s important your child gets everything in writing so you can follow up and make sure the school is doing their job to protect your child.  I am sure they will but it’s important to cover your own rear end. So that’s why it’s important to get everything in writing.

The above is tips you can do to help your child if they are being bullied in school, but one thing we can do to help your child is to build their confidence, to teach them ways to be strong so bullies ever dare mess with them.  Like I said earlier bullies pick on those who they think are weaker then them.  I want to help your child stand up for them selves and to be strong.

So let me start by introducing my self…

Hi!  I am MJ Shall, I am The Master Instructor and creator Of The Ultimate Anti-Bully System. Which is  a multilevel confidence and character development program that is taught in self-defense academies, fitness centers worldwide as well as select public schools.
I am on an unstoppable mission to help empower our youth and parents to over come bullying and have a happy, safe time while they learn in school.  I can empower your child with knowledge to over come bullying with out violence, by being strong and confident and standing up for them selves by doing the proper things to squash it!  Also heaven forbid if they are attacked at school how to defend them selves so they don’t get beat up!   I want to help empower you the parent so you know what to do to make sure the schools are doing their part in protecting your child.


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